تایر بی کی تی


In order to meet the ever-increasing need for high-quality tires for mining and construction projects, We set out to become the exclusive agent of BKT Tires in Iran in 2010 to live up to Hamyar Tejarat Fartak Company’s sole mission, which is the provision of high-quality products. 


BKT is one of the biggest producers of OTR, industrial and agricultural tires in the world and is produced in India. The products of this company offer equal quality to pioneering brands of tire industry in the world


  • Thanks to their advanced production process, BKT tires are placed among green tires. These tires take advantage of advanced technology which results in air pollution decrease, a decline in using  cancerous materials in tires and helps being decomposed in the environment faster; that is why the products of this company are licensed to be exported to Europe; America and Europe are current consumers of BKT tires. Other than Asia, there are four subsidiary companies in Europe and North America which are in charge of sales and marketing of BKT products


  • One of the achievements of BKT company is having gained the license to provide vehicle tires from Caterpillar Company 




Customer orientation and providing high quality goods has always been a priority in this company

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