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Manufacturer of different GET products including blades, blade cutting edges, teeth, rippers, etc. 

This Spanish company was founded in 1967 and is still recognized as a GET item producer in accordance with international standards.

By using a high percentage alloy steel, which results in more strength and resistance of the steel, alongside the knowledge of the day and advanced engineering through the vast experience of its engineers, BYG has managed to be among the top ranking GET parts producers in the world. BYG is the main brand that offers its products with different brand names as ITR, BYG CLASSIC, and FUTURA in international markets and has a great share in these markets. 


In order to be one of the best GET parts producers, BYG has always kept itself up-to-date by getting the consumers’ opinions and using them to improve the quality and design of its products



Hamyar Tejarat Fartak Company is the official and exclusive BYG Agency in Iran

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