In order to meet the needs of mining and construction companies in terms of high quality spare parts,

we, with the help of our expertise in commerce, set out to import the original parts of Caterpillar into Iran

Caterpillar Company, that is usually known by the name of CAT all around the world, is the biggest manufacturer of mining and construction machinery as well as diesel and gas engines in the world; having reached a market cap of over 70 billion dollars, it is also considered one of the biggest companies in the world. 

Caterpillar is the result of merging Holt Manufacturing Company and C.L. Best Gas Traction Company in California in 1925


  • The main goal for founding this company in the 19th century was the production of tractors that were able to work in farms in all weather conditions. At the time, most of Caterpillar productions, including chain bulldozers, were used in the first and second World War, which resulted in the considerable increase of this company’s income. 

Today, Caterpillar offers more than 300 different types of mining, construction, forestry, and agriculture machinery as well as generating systems and is considered the biggest producer of machinery in the world. This company’s products include excavators, chain and tire loaders, mini-loaders, dump trucks, farm tractors, bulldozers, shovels, diesel and gas engines, gas turbines, etc. 


The subsidiaries of Caterpillar : 

  • Elphinstone Company in Australia, producer of different underground machineries 
  • Bitelli Company in Italy, producer of different road construction machineries 
  • Olympian Company in England, producer of different diesel generators-9/1 to 200 KW
  • Mak Company in Germany, producer of different diesel generators, industrial generators, and heavy marine diesel generators 
  • Elector-Motor Diesel in the USA, active in rail industries 




Hamyar Tejarat Fartak is one of the main importers of Caterpillar parts in Iran

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