Mann Filter


 Company was founded in 1938 in Germany. Mann produces more than 6500 types of different filters for 77200 kinds of machinery in the field of construction, mining, agriculture and light vehicles

Mann (Mann and Hummel), now one of the pioneering experts in manufacturing filters in the world, started its work in 1938; it was the recommendation of Mahle company and was carried out by Adolf Mann and Dr. Humelt 

Mann Filter range of products includes air filters, compact plus filters, engine steam filters, hydraulic oil filters, oil filters, fuel filters, water separator filters, liquid cooling filters, air drier filters for air brake systems, and gasoline heating filters for all types of construction and mining machineries, generators and compressors, industrial engines and light vehicles

Hamyar Tejarat Fartak Company is the exclusive agent of Mann Filter in Iran and provides different types of this company’s products

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