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is one of the top three producers of bushes, pistons, and rings in the world.

Almost all of engine and car manufacturers all around the world are customers of this company. Mahle has been playing a decisive role in advancing car and engine technologies and regulating standards thereof.

There are currently 49,000 employees working across 100 production units as well as 8 research and developments centers that belong to this company. Mahle industrial units produce large engines, industrial filters, cooling systems for railways, special vehicles, buses, ships, construction and mining vehicles, aerospace industry parts, and huge power generator engines

Mahle products mainly include engine parts such as complete bush and piston kits, piston rings, gudgeon pins, engine bearings, camshaft bushes, connecting rod bushes, engine valves, gates, valve seats, turbo chargers and different parts of engine cooling system such as thermostats and filters 

Many car manufacturers all around the world are using Mahle products today 


  • Hamyar Tejarat Fartak Company is the exclusive agent of Mahle Company in Iran, and it imports and distributes its products to meet the customers’ needs. This is our most important purpose to take steps towards a better Iran by offering high-quality products to help reach big economic and environmental goals 



Customer orientation and providing high quality goods has always been a priority in this company

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