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 company was founded by Frank Donaldson in 1915.

Enjoying more than a century of experience, Donaldson Filter Production company is one of the most reputable companies all over the world when it comes to the production of different types of air, oil, gasoline, fuel, hydraulic, water, and gearbox filters for construction, mining, and agricultural vehicles and machinery.

Donaldson is considered as one of the biggest filter producers in the world and runs 32 factories all over the world (including Belgium, Mexico, Japan, Italy, Germany, France…). Thanks to its innovations and advanced engineering, which is in accordance with the global technology of the day, Donaldson has managed to offer products that meet the highest quality standards. 


  • This company owns the patent for many of its products and the technology for the production of these items is exclusive to Donaldson Company
  • Donaldson filters are used as the main filter in the production line by mining and construction manufacturers because of the novel innovation and advanced engineering used in these filters, which will ultimately result in lower maintenance costs of the vehicles 
  • Offering blue series of filters that enjoy an advanced engineering of the filter media, Donaldson has taken a large step in elevating the quality of its products
  • Relying on its unique technology and knowledge of the day, Donaldson has designed its smart filtration system for fuel and oil; this culminates in considerable savings when it comes to maintenance and other costs in mining and construction vehicles




Valuing customers and providing them with high quality products has always been the sole purpose of this company

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